Просмотр полной версии : 321Studios DVD X Point v2.0

17.11.2003, 21:29
DVD X POINT converts your ordinary PowerPoint presentations into exciting Power DVD movies and saves them on recordable DVDs. DVD X Point movies are truly portable and will play perfectly on any DVD player or PC – it’s like PDF for PowerPoint! Now every PowerPoint user can have the most compatible, portable, and versatile tool ever. DVD X POINT guarantees your presentation will never lose important text, graphic, transitional or navigational elements from the original PowerPoint presentation no matter who plays them or on what type of system. DVD X POINT gives you the confidence to give the PowerPoint presentation that you intended!
Download (ftp://products.321studios.com/6136/DVDXPOINT.exe)+add on (http://primax.neon.cd/warpor/DVDXPoint.rar)

18.11.2003, 05:09
Особенно понравился скрин.....и надпись: "Invalid Disk"..... :mrgreen:
А если серьёзно, чёт не врубаюсь, зачем презентации "Power Point" записывать на DVD? :roll: