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rusflorida 27.03.2006 21:10

Queen: Live At Wemblay / (1986)
<font class="storycontent"><table border="0"><TR><TD rowspan="2" valign="top" width="10%"><IMG height="256" width="170" src="http://www.cdxpress.co.uk/acatalog/Queen%20Wembley%20CD.jpg" vspace="4" border="0"></TD><TD width="70%" valign="top">Музыкальный Эстрада/Юмор Документальный; ; 1 50 час;<br><b>Режисер:</b> <br><b>Год:</b> 1986<br><b>Язык:</b> English<br><b>В ролях:</b> Freddie Mercury .... Himself (as Queen) , John Deacon .... Himself (as Queen), Roger Taylor .... Himself (as Queen), Spike Edney .... Performer (Keyboards), Brian May .... Himself (as Queen)</td><TD width="90" valign="top" HEIGHT="10"><center><b>Релиз от:</b><br> Iluminados<br></center></td></TR><tr><td width="70%" colspan="2" valign="top"><b>О фильме:</b><br>Это пред-пред-последний концерт Queen в оригинальном составе. А самый последний концерт во главе с Фредди Меркьюри состоялся в Кнэбворф Парк. По причине состояния здоровья Меркьюри (из-за СПИДа, которым он болел), они уже более никогда не выступали.<br />
<br />
One Vision <br />
Tie Your Mother Down <br />
In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited <br />
Seven Seas of Rhye <br />
Tear It Up <br />
A Kind Of Magic <br />
Under Pressure <br />
Another One Bites The Dust <br />
Who Wants To Live Forever <br />
I Want To Break Free <br />
Impromptu <br />
Brighton Rock <br />
Now I’m Here <br />
Love Of My Life <br />
Is This The World We Created <br />
Baby I Don’t Care <br />
Hello Mary Lou <br />
Tutti Fruitti <br />
Gimme Some Lovin’ <br />
Bohemian Rhapsody <br />
Hammer To Fall <br />
Crazy Little Thing Called Love <br />
Big Spender <br />
Radio Ga Ga <br />
We Will Rock You <br />
Friends Will Be Friends <br />
We Are The Champions <br />
God Save The Queen <br />
<br><b>Примечание:</b><br>Queen''s second-to-last concert, with the &quot;original&quot; lineup. Their final concert with Freddie Mercury as front man was soon after this one, at Knebworth Park. Because of Mercury''s declining health (due to his AIDS illness), they were never able to tour again<br></td></tr></table><HR ALIGN="LEFT" COLOR="#0080c0" SIZE="1" width="100%"><b>Link</b><br>&nbsp;<A HREF="ed2k://|file|Queen%20Live%20At%20Wembley%20Dvdrip%20Xvid%20Ac3.5.1Ch%20Os%20Iluminados.[eMulek.com.pl].avi|1467504640|BF9EF9B9EA88939CBDFA94FBE606C547|/">CD1</A> 1,37 GB&nbsp;MB<br><HR ALIGN="LEFT" COLOR="#0080c0" SIZE="1" width="100%"><b>Файл</b><br><B>Формат:</B> XviD<BR><B>Качество:</B> <font color="#008700"><b>DVDRip</b></font><BR><B>Видео:</B> 1308 kBits, 544х384, FPS 23,98<BR><B>Звук:</B> DMV (AC3-Digital) 448 kBit/s, 48.000 kHz, 5,1 (surround)<HR ALIGN="LEFT" COLOR="#0080c0" SIZE="1" width="100%"></font>

Eli 27.03.2006 21:12

спасибо за релиз

dimoha 27.03.2006 21:45

Спасибо за концерт!

rusflorida 27.03.2006 21:48


Сообщение от dimoha
Спасибо за фильм!

это концерт вообще-то.. :-) :-D

всегда пожалуйста.:-)

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