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Magic Angel
Каталог >>Информация о релизе

Collected / The Moody Blues (2007)

The Moody Blues/The Moody Blues (2007)
Информация о релизе
Стиль: Rock,
Альбом: Collected
Артист: The Moody Blues
Год: 2007
Кол-во композиций: 54
01 nights in white satin
02 tuesday afternoon
03 the morning another morning
04 voices in the sky
05 dr livingstone i presume
06 ride my see-saw
07 legend of a mind
08 lovely to see you
09 never comes the day
10 are you sitting comfortably
11 dear diary
12 gypsy (of a strange and distant time)
13 watching and waiting
14 higher and higher
15 i never thoughy i'd live to be a hundred
16 candle of life
17 melancholy man
18 dawning is the day
19 question
01 the story in your eyes
02 emily's song
03 isnt life strange
04 im just a singer
05 new horizons
06 blue guitar
07 remember me (my friend)
08 king and queen
09 what am i doing here
10 raised on love
11 carry me
12 had to fall in love
13 driftwood
14 forever autumn
15 its not on
16 the voice
17 gemini dream
18 blue world
01 your wildest dreams
02 the other side of life
03 vintage wine
04 i know you're out there somewhere
05 lean on me (tonight)
06 say it with love
07 bless the wings
08 this is the moment
09 strange times
10 december snow
11 go now
12 boulevard de la madelaine
13 from the bottom of my heart
14 fly me high
15 cities
16 love and beauty
17 a simple game
Релиз от:
Качество: VBR
Запаковано: rar,
    CD1 315.96 MB

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