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Magic Angel
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Collection Disc 1 / Demis Roussos (2004)

Demis Roussos/Demis Roussos (2004)
Информация о релизе
Стиль: Pop,
Альбом: Collection Disc 1
Артист: Demis Roussos
Год: 2004
Кол-во композиций: 0
01-Plastics Nevermore
02-The Other People
03-Rain And Tears
04-Don't Try To Catch A River
05-End Of The World
06-You Always Stand In My Way
07-Mister Thomas
08-The Grass Is No Green
09-Valley Of Sadness
10-The Shepherd And The Moon
11-Day Of The Fool
12-Quando L'amoure Diventa Poesia
13-Lontano Dagli Occhi
14-I Want To Live
15-Magic Mirror
16-Let Me Love, Let Me Live
17-Marie Jolie
18-It's Five O'clock
19-Wake Up
20-Take Your Time
21-Such A Funny Night
23-Good Time So Fine
24-Funky Mary
25-Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall

666 (1972)

01-The System
03-Loud, Loud, Loud
04-The Four Horsemen
05-The Lamb
06-The Seventh Seal
07-Aegian Sea
08-Seven Bowls
09-The Wakening Beast
11-The Marching Beast
12-The Battle Of The Locusts
13-Do It
15-The Beast
17-Seven Trumpets
19-The Wedding Of The Lamb
20-The Capture Of The Beast
21-[Infinity Symbol]
22-Hic And Nunc
23-All The Seats Were Occupied

On The Greek Side Of My Mind (1971)

01.Fire and Ice
02.She Came Up from the North
03.Good Days Have Gone
04.We Shall Dance
05. I Know I'll Do It Again
06.On the Greek Side of My Mind
07.End of the Line
08.My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'
09.Mountains Beyond
10.O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me
11.Lord of the Flies
12.Without You

Forever And Ever (1973)

01-Forever And Ever
02-My Friend The Wind
03-My Reason
04-Lay It Down
05-Lovely Sunny Days
06-Lost In A Dream
07-Velvet Mornings
09-When I Am A Kid
10-Goodbye My Love Goodbye

-My Only Fascination (1974)

01. My Only Fascination
02. White Sails
04.Say You Love Me
06.Someday Somewhere
07.Lovely Lady of Arcadia
10.We Pretend
11.Let It Be Me

Souvenirs (1975)

01. Sing An Ode To Love
02. Midnight Is The Time I Need You
03. I'll Be Your Friend (Schoen Wie Mona Lisa)
04. Action Lady
05. Winter Rains
06. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs
07. Trying To Catch The Wind
08. White Wings (Asa Branca)
09. Tell Me Now
10. Names
11. Perdoname

Happy To Be (1976)

01-This Time It Isn't Au Revoir
02-Mary Was An Only Child
04-So Dreamy
05-Funny Man
06-Can't Say How Much I Love You
07-Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun
08-Bahia Blue
10-Far Away
11-Lonely Love De Paris

Magic (1977)

01-Mourir Apres Mon Amour
02-Time And Tide
03-Maybe Forever
04-My Face In The Rain
05-I Did You
07-Let It Happen
10-Sister Emeline
11-Before The Storm

Ainsi Soit-Il (1977)

1- Ainsi soit-il
2- Tous les soleils de la musique
3- Les nuits d'Emilyne
4- Tes yeux me disaient adieu
5- un coeur qui bat pour toi
6- Sarah
7- My emotions
8- Le destin
9- Et je fais semblant
10- Margarita
11- Mourir aupres de mon amour

-Demis Roussos (1978)

01-Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again
02-Lovin Arms
03-Life In The city
04-I Just Know What To Do With Myself
05-I just Live
06-Hey My friend
07-Other Woman
08-This Song
09-That Once In A Lifetime
10-L.O.V.E. Got A Hold On Me

Man Of The World (1980)

1. Man Of The World
2. Lost In Love
3. Miss You Nights
4. Little Girl
5. I Need You
6. I'd Give My Life
7. Sorry
8. How Glad I Am You Came
9. San Pedros Children
10. The Wedding Song
11. Love It Away
12. We're Over

Demis (1982)

01. Lament
02. We're Shining
03. Take Me Sailing
04. Song Without End
05. Song for the Freei
06. Gypsy Lady
07. Need To Forget
08. Race To the End
09. Where Are They Now

Attitudes (1982)

01-Follow Me - Adajio Movement
03-Planet Earth Is Blue
04-Deepest Of All
05-Take My Hand
06-Flaming Star
07-The House Of Risisng Sun

Reflection (1984)

01.When a man loves a woman
02.Stand by me
03. Love me tender
04.Stormy weather
05.Red Sails In The Sunset
06.I almost lost my mind
07.Marie Jolie
08.Smoke gets in your eyes
09.As time goes by

Demis Roussos - 1984

01 Lament
02 We're Shining
03 Take Me Sailing
04 Song Without End
05 Song For The Free
06 Gypsy Lady
07 Need To Forget
08 Race To The End
09 Where Are They Now

Greater Love (1986)

01.Tropicana Bay
02.Summer in her eyes
04.Greater Love
05.Follow me
06.Island of love
07. I miss you
08. Tropicana Bay
10. Amis pour la vie
11. Summerwine
12.Another time
13.In love

Die grosse Erfolge (1986)

01-Schones Madchen aus Arcadia
02-Ich hab' das Gluck gesehn
03-Ich bin frei
04-Die Bouzouki, die Nacht und der Wein
05-Wenn ich wiederkomm'
06-Goodbye, My Love, goodbye
08-Leikasten auf dem Boulevard
09-Trauriges Madchen
10-Die Nachte von Athen
11-Deine Liebe wird mir fehlen
12-Auf Wiedersehn

Ballads (1989)

01-Rain And Tears
02-Marie Jolie
03-We Shall Dance
04-Spring Summer Winter And Fall
05-It's Five O'Clock
07-I Want To Live
08-Let It Be Me
09-My Reason
10-Sometimes When We Touch
11-If You Remember Me
13-I Found You
14-I Hear You Know
15-I'll Find My Way Home
16-End Of The World

The Greek (1989)

01-Le Grec
03-The Beauty Of Your Eyes
04-Apres La Fin Du Monde
06-Tout Ce Que Je Cherche Est En Toi
07-Comme Le Vent D'Hier
08-Furureless Forever
09-Quand Je T'Aime
10-The Moon And I
12-Dance Of Love
13-My Song Of Love
14-On Ecrit Sur Le Mur]
15-Amico Sincero
16-Qui Plus Que Moi
17-Petite Fille
18-Wanna Die The Way I Love You
19-Young Love

Island Of Love (2006 )

1. Paloma Blanca
2. Quantanamera
3. Summerwine
4. Island Of Love
5. Sailin Home
6. Time
7. Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun
8. Tropicana Bay
9. Summer In Her Eyes
10. Such A Funny Night
Релиз от:
Качество: 192 Kbps
Запаковано: rar
    CD1 685.94 MB

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