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Каталог >>Информация о релизе

Join The Dots: B-Sides and Rarities (4CD Box Set) / The Cure (2004)

The Cure/The Cure (2004)
Информация о релизе
Стиль: Rock,
Альбом: Join The Dots: B-Sides and Rarities (4CD Box Set)
Артист: The Cure
Год: 2004
Кол-во композиций: 70
Disc 1
1.10:15 Saturday Night
2.Plastic Passion
3.Pill Box Tales
4.Do The Hansa
5.I'm Cold
6.Another Journey By Train
8.Splintered In Her Head
9.La-Ment (Flexipop Version)
10.Just One Kiss
11.The Dream
12.The Upstairs Room
14.Speak My Language
15.Mr. Pink Eyes
16.Happy The Man
17.Throw Your Foot
18.New Day
19.The Exploding Boy
20.A Few Hours After This...
21.A Man Inside My Mouth
22.Stop Dead

Disc 2
1.Japanese Dream
3.A Chain Of Flowers
4.Snow In Summer
5.Sugar Girl
6.Icing Sugar
7.Hey You!!! (Remix)
8.How Beautiful You Are
9.To The Sky
11.Out Of Mind
12.2 Late
13.Fear Of Ghosts
14.Hello, I Love You (Psychedelic Mix)
15.Hello, I Love You
16.Hello, I Love You (Slight Return Mix)
17.Harold And Joe
18.Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)

Disc 3
1.This Twilight Garden
4.Scared As You
5.The Big Hand
6.A Foolish Arrangement
7.Doing The Unstuck
8.Purple Haze
9.Purple Haze - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (From Stone Free)
10.Burn (From The Crow OST)
11.Young Americans
12.Dredd Song (From Judge Dredd Ost)
13.It Used To Be Me

Disc 4
3.A Pink Dream
4.This Is A Lie (Ambient Mix)
5.Wrong Number (P2p Mix)
6.More Than This
7.World In My Eyes
9.Out Of This World
10.Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix)
11.Coming Up
12.Signal To Noise (Acoustic Version)
13.Signal To Noise
14.Just Say Yes (Curve Mix)
15.A Forest (Mark Plati Mix)
Качество: mp3 192 kbit/s
Запаковано: rar
    CD1 402 MB

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