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Каталог >>Информация о релизе

16Albums / AC/DC (0)

Информация о релизе
Стиль: Heavy Metal,
Альбом: 16Albums
Артист: AC/DC
Год: 0
Кол-во композиций: 157
/CD: 1
1.Rising power
2.This house is on fire
3.Flick of the switch
4.Nervous shakedown
6.Guns for hire
7.Deep in the hole
8.Bedlam in Belgium
10.Brain shake

/CD: 2
1.It's a long way to the top
2.Rock'n Roll singer
3.The Jack
4.Live wire
6.Can I sit next to you girl
7.Little lover
8.She's got balls
9.High voltage

/CD: 3
1.Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
2.Love at first feel
3.Big balls
5.Problem child
6.There's gonna be some rockin'
7.Ain't no fun
8.Ride on

/CD: 4
1.Go down
2.Dog eat dog
3.Let there be rock
4.Bad boy boogie
5.Problem child
7.Hell ain't a bad place to be
8.Whole lotta Rosie

/CD: 5
1.Rock'n Roll damnation
2.Down payment blues
3.Gimme a bullet
4.Riff Raff
5.Sin city
6.What's next to the moon
7.Gone shootin'
8.Up to my neck in you
9.Kicked in the teeth

/CD: 6
1.Riff Raff
2.Hell ain't a bad place to be
3.Bad boy boogie
4.The Jack
5.Problem child
6.Whole lotta Rosie
7.Rock'n Roll damnation
8.High voltage
9.High there be rock

/CD: 7
1.Highway to hell
2.Girls got rhythm
3.Walk all over you
4.Touch too much
5.Beating around the bush
6.Shot down in flames
7.Get it hot
8.If you want blood (You've got it)
9.Love hungry man
10.Night prowler

/CD: 8
1.Back in black
2.Hells bells
3.Shoot to thrill
4.Given the dog a bone
5.What do you do for money honey
6.Rock and roll ain't noise pollution
7.Let me put my love into you
8.You shook me all night long
9.Shake a leg
10.Have a drink on me

/CD: 9
1.For those about to rock (We salute you)
2.Put the finger on you
3.Let's get it up
4.Inject the venom
6.Evil walks
7.C.O. D.
8.Breaking the rules
9.Night of the long knives

/CD: 10
1.Fly on the wall
2.Shake your foundations
3.First blood
5.Sink the pink
6.Playing with girls
7.Stand up
8.Hell or high water
9.Back in business
10.Send for the man

/CD: 11
1.Who made who
2.You shook me all night long
4.Sink the pink
5.Ride on
6.Hells bells
7.Shake your foundations
8.Chase the ace
9.For those about to rock

/CD: 12
2.That's the way I wanna rock 'n'roll
5.Kissin' dynamite
6.Nick of time
7.Somesin for nuthin'
9.Two's up
10.This means war

/CD: 13
2.Fire your guns
4.The razors edge
5.Mistress for christmas
6.Rock your heart out
7.Are you ready
8.Got you by the balls
9.Shot of love
10.Let's make it
11.Goodbye & good riddance to bad luck
12.If you dare

/CD: 14
2.Shoot to thrill
3.Back in black
4.Sin city
5.Who made who
6.Fire your guns
8.The Jack
9.The razors edge
10.Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

/CD: 15
1.Hells bells
3.That's the way I wanna rock 'n'roll
4.High voltage
5.You shook me all night long
6.Whole lotta Rosie
7.Let there be rock
8.Highway to hell
10.For those about to rock (We salute you)

/CD: 16
1.Hard as a rock
2.Cover you in oil
3.The furor
4.Boogie man
5.The honey roll
6.Burnin' alive
7.Hail Caesar
8.Love bomb
9.Caught with your pants down
10.Whiskey on the rocks
Качество: mp3 192 kbit/s
Запаковано: rar
    CD1 990 MB

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